POLS 199


Current Political Issues




This course builds upon the basic skills and understandings of political science research learned in POLS195A: Political Inquiry. Students must have taken POLS195A prior to this course, or receive instructor permission to sign up for this class in Spring 2015.

This course will focus on applied research methods. We will learn by doing, through hands-on practice in designing and conducting a short survey project, and collecting and analyzing the data.  What’s more, we will have FUN learning how to use survey research and statistics to understand a wide range of issues in political science! 

Students in this class will develop an understanding of both descriptive statistics and statistical inference, and how they can be appropriately used to investigate relationships between two or more variables.  Upon completion of this course, students should be able to demonstrate an applied understanding of the methods and uses of survey research in political science.







Normal Grade Rules


Repeatable for credit