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Vice President of University Advancement Search

Search committee

Ellen Junn, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (Committee Chair) 

John Gibbs, At-large Member, Alumni Association

Anne Johnson, Associate Vice President, Development

Felicia McKee, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for University Advancement

Mykel Jeffrey, Student, Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Associated Students

Bill Campsey, Professor in Communicative Disorders

Michael Kimbarow, Professor in Accounting and Finance

Beth Von Till, Lecturer in Communication Studies and Chair of the Academic Senate

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Three candidates for the position of Vice President for University Advancement were selected to visit the campus during the month of November. Videos of each visit with the campus community are posted below. The deadline for feedback on all candidates is Wednesday, November 21 at 5pm.

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November  15, Engineering 285/87 from 1-2pm

Ms. Christina Schultz
Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Dixie State College of Utah

November 16, Clark Hall 202 from 1-2pm

Ms. Rebecca Dukes
Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch Armstrong Prickett & Associates

November 19, Dudley Moorhead Hall 234 from 1-2pm

Mr. Dennis Washington
Former Executive Vice President for Advancement
Davenport University