Definition of Terms

Inclusive Excellence –  refers to SJSU's commitment to leveraging the rich diversity of its faculty, staff, student, alumni and community connections as a resource to achieve academic excellence for all students. Diversity is an educational resource and knowledge domain for students that contributes to their academic success. Examples include: a warm, supportive, inclusive campus climate, an ongoing engagement with diversity topics in the curriculum and co-curriculum, and success and excellence are equitably achieved by all students.

Integrative Learning – refers to the focus on students as intentional learners who combine knowledge from different sources as well as their own experiences and identities and continue learning throughout their lifetimes.  Examples include:  interdisciplinary and community-based research, internships, service learning, community service, global studies, culminating experiences based on real-world problems, connecting curricula with co-curricular activities, among others.

Community Connection – refers to the collaborations and learning exchanges between our campus and the surrounding community.  Examples include:  Day of Service, joint city-university Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, Cesar E. Chavez Community Action Center, CommUniverCity, service learning, student internships, among others.