Agility Through Technology

Improve organizational responsiveness through an advanced technology infrastructure and by elimination of procedural obstacles.

  • Wireless Network: SJSU has completed a wireless upgrade of its entire campus. This critical infrastructure foundation will allow the university to expand on how the 40,000 members of the campus community connect, engage, learn and work.
  • Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics: The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) was expanded and renamed “Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics” (IEA) to reflect its role in analyzing data as well as emerging predictive analytics. IEA delivers factual data, assessment information, decision support and analyses to support the educational mission of SJSU. With respect to SJSU’s graduation retention initiative, IEA has developed an electronic dashboard, “Student Success Milestones,” that allows SJSU administrators and members of the faculty and staff to monitor both freshman and transfer students’ progress.
  • Telecommunications: SJSU has installed a new telephone system that replaces five independent, aging systems with an Internet-based (so-called voice-over-IP, or VoIP) unified communication system. The new system integrates with mobile devices and desktop computers.  Software is available for all members of the SJSU community for web conferencing, lecture-capture and telepresence.
  • Degree Audit Program: SJSU is in the final stages of creating an automated advising tool that will help students and advisors track progress to degree. This will reduce the time and cost of a degree by ensuring that students understand their remaining degree requirements.
  • Grades First: This is an early alert advising system that has been used by Athletics and the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). SJSU is utilizing this tool campus-wide now in order to identify students in need of extra academic support mid-semester.
  • Tracking Support Services:  Capabilities are being added to the My.SJSU database to allow academic support services utilized to be tracked. This provides resources for advisors and students to better understand the impact these resources are having on academic success.