21st Century Spaces

Provide gathering spaces and up-to-date facilities.

  • Classroom Renovations: Through a survey, faculty members provided input on the campus classroom renovations they feel are needed. The results of this survey were coupled with an extensive physical review of the classrooms to create a comprehensive list of needed upgrades. Some renovations will begin on the classrooms this summer.
  • New Construction: Renovations to Yoshiro Uchida Hall were completed in fall 2014, including a theater equipped with state-of-the-art A/V and a premier judo dojo. The building renovation also included critical earthquake retrofits that were implemented while maintaining the historical architecture. Similar earthquake retrofits and renovations are currently underway for Spartan Complex, which is slated to open in the summer. Construction projects are also underway for a new Student Union, Student Wellness Center, Aquatic Center and additional student housing. The campus has a detailed master plan for the South Campus athletics facilities, and is in the discussion stage for a new academic building.
  • Next Generation Classrooms:Recently, 14 classrooms were enhanced with technology upgrades, including six classrooms featuring video lecture-capture and video conferencing technology. These tools allow faculty members to record lectures for students and to bring guest lecturers and other experts “into” the classroom. Technology enhancements to other classrooms are planned for the summer based on faculty input on need in specific rooms. Some examples of technology usage include presenting journalism projects to a New York advertising agency, connecting a public health class to a community in Mexico, and using the technology in education classes to teach the teachers of the future. Usages are also highlighted in this video.
  • College Student Success Centers: College student success centers have been created in six of our seven academic colleges. The visible college centers provide academic support and professional development to students. They include resources such as academic advising, peer mentors, study skills workshops, and office hours for other campus entities such as the Career Center.