New University Logo


TO: Campus Community

FROM: President Robert L. Caret

RE: New university logo

December 2, 1996

I am pleased to announce today the introduction of the new university logo [, shown at the top left of this new stationery]. You may remember that we began the process of developing a new logo last spring with a campus-wide call for focus group participants. I want to thank all of you who participated in so many different ways during the development of the new graphic mark for San José State.

In my first address to the faculty and staff, I stated that I would be this university's most vocal cheerleader. I am pleased to see so many of you wearing the university seal pins we handed out, and I want to introduce the new logo to update our public identity as we approach the 21st century. Please note that the new logo does not replace the university's Tower seal, but rather complements it.

Introducing a new graphic symbol for the university is another sign to our community that San José State is changing, preparing for the 21st century and responding to Silicon Valley's changing needs. You will see the new logo on stationery, business cards, publications and even the campus commuter vans and buses. You have been seeing it for decades in the architecture on campus.

The new logo draws upon our proud heritage by incorporating a portion of the red brick and Faience tile pattern from the front of Tower Hall, while the faculty and staff designers tell me that this new graphic mark also is modern, and a representation of our innovative future. I look to the words accompanying the mark for another very strong statement about this university's future. The typography accompanying that graphic mark in the new logo emphasizes the words San José State. And, by design, it returns the university to the proper spelling of the name of our city, San José. I consider this to be a recognition of the diversity of the region we serve and a symbol of the mutual respect we must have for the many cultures that make up our university community.

The logo will become a new registered mark for the university. And to ensure a consistent university image through its proper use, we have developed guidelines for incorporating the new logo into your stationery, business cards, and publications. Based on input from the initial focus groups, we also have incorporated much flexibility into the stationery design, allowing for web sites, e-mail addresses and other information to be included.

Please note that the implementation of the new stationery will be gradual. Departments may continue using existing stationery through June 30, 1997, with all new orders being printed with the new design. Keeping budgets in mind, we are providing several options, from blue and gold stationery for external audiences to a template for your personal computer for internal memos. See your department chair for the templates or call Public Affairs. Each division will set its own guidelines for use of the different stationery options and the information that may be included. Also, to keep conversion costs down, the Duplicating Center, now called Printing & Graphic Solutions, will waive the $15 wash-up fee normally charged on each printing job.

Additional information about the new logo is provided in the December OnCampus and in the [accompanying] guidelines. If you have questions, please call the Office of Public Affairs or consult your vice president's office.

My thanks again to all those who contributed to this process.