Prop 209


TO: Campus Community

FROM: President Robert L. Caret

RE: Proposition 209 Update

December 9, 1996

In my campus letter of November 6, 1996, I mentioned that I would keep you informed of any changes in the status of Proposition 209. Proposition 209 is currently under a temporary restraining order issued by a state judge. I want to assure all campus constituencies, including prospective students, that this university's commitment to maintaining an open door will not be affected.

In my opening fall address, I commented, "Our role is to provide the next generation of citizens--educated citizens who will continue to improve and build this society. We can only do that by continuing to provide the broadest access and empowerment of people we possibly can. Education is the bridge to the future for each individual as well as for our society. What we do works, and we will make the strongest case possible for the right to continue to do it."

In fact, our expanded outreach and recruitment efforts, begun in the fall of 1995, have already reached more potential students from all segments of the region than ever before. San José State will continue to adhere to its mission, while operating within the law. We will monitor the future implementation of Proposition 209 closely. I will communicate with our campus community as the situation changes.

Robert L. Caret