Events of September 11

President's Message to the Campus

September 12, 2001

To: The Campus Community

From: President Robert L. Caret

Re: Events of September 11

While the recent tragedies in Washington, D.C., and New York City have profoundly affected each of us in different ways, let us remember that a climate of mutual respect is critical to our students' success and our employees' ability to function effectively. We are a community of individuals from many different backgrounds and parts of the world who have come to San José State University to live and to learn and to work.

As we deal with these terrible events, I encourage everyone to be especially aware of the impact of words and actions. While there may be little that individuals can do in the immediate aftermath of the tragic events on the East Coast, it is extremely important for each of us to demonstrate understanding and kindness toward each other and our community.

Should you need help during this difficult time, counseling is available to all students through University Counseling Services (Administration Building 201, 924-5940) and to faculty and staff through the Employee Assistance Program (1-800-344-4222). Please consider these professional resources.

Information about any potential disruptions of the campus schedule will continue to be provided to the campus community through the SJSU Web site (, the campus hotline (924-SJSU), and other communications.

On a personal note, I am reminded of the fragility and preciousness of life when I see violence of this magnitude take so many lives. My sympathy and condolences go out to the survivors, families, and all those affected by this national tragedy.