Logo Usage

February 16, 2004

To: The Campus Community

From: Interim President Joe Crowley

Re: University Logo

See University Style Guide. [This memo accompanied the campus-wide delivery of the University Style Guide (Spring 2004).]

Enclosed please find copies of the new edition of the San José State University Communications Style Guide. I urge you and those in your departments who are responsible for printed materials and Web sites to read it. I especially recommend a review of Pages 4 to 6, which outline policies for the university logo. In short, our policy is that there is only one university logo, which is to be used by all academic, administrative and auxiliary units.

Since arriving on campus last July, I have been impressed by San José State's many strengths and in particular by the dedication and commitment of its faculty and staff. Clearly, this is a wonderful institution in which we can all take great pride.

However, I have also been surprised and confused to find an odd profusion of home-grown departmental and college logos showing up on my desk on printed materials and Web sites. Just as distressing are strange beheadings and other perversions of the official university logo. This all strikes me as something like a visual version of the Tower of Babel. I can see why it is hard for prospective students, visitors and our many other constituents to get a clear and consistent picture of who we are at San José State and how all of our offices and departments work toward a single mission.

When San José State's new president arrives, one of the things I will recommend highly is that the university set mutually agreed upon goals and work together cooperatively to meet them. A powerful step we can take right now is to use the official university logo all the time in all printed and Web communications.

Grandfather out your old materials if you must. Use the university logo and only that logo. It will be a strong affirmation of the pride I see and hear from you every day.

If you have questions about logo policies, contact Sylvia Hutchinson, director of Communications and Public Affairs, at 408-924-1166.