President's Message: Virginia Tech

To: The Campus Community

From: Don W. Kassing, President

At San José State, our hearts, thoughts and our prayers go out to the Virginia Tech community. We are one family in higher education, with the common goal of assisting students in improving their lives. When senseless, horrific tragedies such as this occur at any campus, it is felt throughout all campuses.

While we constantly strive to create a campus environment that is safe, sometimes a rare act of violence does occur. To this end, San José State prepares for and is ready to respond to any type of violence. Our University Police Department is well trained to prevent violence from occurring and to act swiftly in the case of any incident. We have agreements and joint protocols for response with the San José Police Department and the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department. In addition, our residence life staff and counselors are trained to anticipate and respond to emergencies. While we can never fully prepare for such random acts, we are proactive in researching and implementing best practices in dealing with any kind of emergency on campus.

Campus Resources

In the event of an emergency at San José State, information will be provided for students, faculty and staff on our emergency hotline, 408-924-SJSU, as well as on our SJSU Web site home page,, and via broadcast e-mail. Our Emergency Information Web site includes detailed information for faculty, staff and students on what to do in the event of an emergency.