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President Visits Campus Village

Monday, August 25, 2008

With classes beginning today, University Housing residents moved in over the weekend. President Whitmore stopped by briefly to chat with students and their families.

President Whitmore helps Kristina Bahou move into Campus Village
President Whitmore helps freshman Kristina Bahou of Mission Viejo move into Campus Village. Photo: Robert Bain, SJSU Photographic Services

He even grabbed a handcart and helped, alongside University Housing Services Director Martín Castillo, who wrote the following.

"The housing community and I had the pleasure of interacting with our new president, Jon Whitmore. I found myself fascinated not only by how easily and quickly he connected with our freshmen residents, but also by how down to earth he is. He exhibited a natural tendency for helping to ease the anxiety felt by families and students regarding the transition to college life. In those precious moments he spent interacting with the on-campus community, President Whitmore delivered a resounding welcome to our freshmen by taking the time to be a part of their first experience of living away from home. His ability to share data that ties student success/retention to living on campus spoke directly to the parents/families. It is a pleasure to have a president who understands the underlying connection between on-campus living and student success!"

- Martín Castillo, University Housing Services Director

President Whitmore helping students move into Campus Village
Photo: Robert Bain, SJSU Photographic Services