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First Impressions of Long Beach

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

President Whitmore is in Long Beach today attending his first California State University Executive Council meeting. The council meets bi-monthly, and its members include Chancellor Charles B. Reed and the presidents of all 23 CSU campuses. Whitmore took a few minutes out of the meeting to offer his first impressions of Long Beach as SJSU president.

President Jon Whitmore"The meeting has an extensive agenda, a sampling of which includes Title IX, legislative issues, text book costs, and the development of on-line courses. My observation is the CSU administration and the 23 member presidents have a positive and highly interactive working relationship. For me personally, many presidents have been helpful answering my questions about California state operating procedures and statewide politics. They have also provided many examples of San José State faculty, organized research units and academic programs collaborating with other campuses on joint projects. I have been pleased to learn that SJSU is well respected within the larger CSU community and that many of our senior administrators, deans, and faculty leaders are highly engaged in inter-institutional collaborations and sharing of best practices. Enough for now. I'm headed back into the meeting."

- President Jon Whitmore