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"We Share Your Passion for Eco-Friendliness"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

During his first few weeks on the job, President Whitmore announced plans to advance San José State's eco-friendliness and sustainability efforts. He also called for related curriculum development and research. Jinny Rhee, associate professor in the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering, wants the president to know such work is well underway. She penned the following letter.

Dear President Whitmore,

Welcome to San José State! We in mechanical engineering share your passion for eco-friendliness and sustainability. Solar thermal technologies and other renewable energy topics are a huge interest of ours. For example, two of my projects include the solar-powered ice maker funded by California State University research funds, and the cogenerating solar collector funded by Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. Such devices could be used to drive applications of interest to the local industry such as green air conditioning of data centers. To build upon the initial success of these projects -- and to reach out to more industry and government collaborators -- we are searching for a permanent facility on campus to conduct this kind of work. We are currently using temporary space on the second floor roof of the engineering building, but will not be able to pursue bigger endeavors without a permanent laboratory.

Please let us know if there is anything we or I could do to help you fulfill your vision. I promise that you will be met with enthusiasm and energy.

Jinny Rhee
Associate Professor

solar-powered ice maker
Solar-powered ice maker.