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Amy Whitmore

Monday, September 29, 2008

Amy WhitmoreHey there! This is Amy Whitmore. I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Iowa. I've been asked to say a few things about my dad on his blog, so I've decided to tell you a few things about him that you probably wouldn't hear anywhere else. For example, during high school, I would usually return home on a typical Friday or Saturday night to find my dad watching DVDs of The Who, the Beatles, or Bob Dylan -- his favorite bands.

What else does this self-proclaimed nerd do in his limited free time (besides walking around the house quoting Shakespeare)? Well he's an avid fly fisher, although he's usually too busy with work to go more than once or twice a year. He also loves barbecue food and hanging out with my dog Toby. Finally -- and you probably could have guessed this one already -- my dad is an enormous bookworm and invariably has a book handy at all times. Let's just say he was the dad sitting on the bench at Disney World reading a paperback.

So I hope I gave you a little insight into the kind of guy my dad is outside of SJSU. And for the students who are reading this, I hope this helps you realize that your president has two kids that are going through the same stuff you are. He has the ability to look at things from the perspective of both an administrator and a parent. And for the student's perspective, he's got my brother and me.

Amy and Ian Whitmore with dog, Toby, in Lubbock, TX in 2005
Amy and Ian Whitmore with dog, Toby, in Lubbock, Texas (2005). Courtesy of the Whitmore family.

Amy and Ian Whitmore in Austin, TX in 1994
Amy and Ian Whitmore in Austin, Texas (1994). Courtesy of the Whitmore family.