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"Duty Day" With the Department of TV, Radio, Film and Theatre

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

President Whitmore was on familiar ground during a recent visit with SJSU's Department of TV, Radio, Film and Theatre. He majored in speech and theater history, and was a theater professor throughout his academic career. So it was fitting that the president attended his home department's fall term "duty day," theater terminology for an all-hands meeting with cast and crew.

President Jon Whitmore in front of digital sign
Whitmore gets top billing on the University Theatre digital sign. Photo: Mike Adams, associate dean, College of Humanities and the Arts

The president met faculty and staff, and bonded with graduate student Lee Brooks, who also works in the TRFT office as a student assistant.

"On first impression, I thought President Whitmore was quite calm and well composed considering the plethora of meetings and events I am sure he has been attending. When he met with our department, the president mentioned some of his academic interests, specifically speech curricula and history. I mentioned to him that my graduate thesis will examine the history of our department's academic curriculum from 1929 to 1960, and I offered to help in anyway if he needs anything from our department."

- Lee Brooks, graduate student, student assistant, Department of TV, Radio, Film and Theatre