To Our Prospective Students and Families

We welcome your interest in San José State University. This is a fabulous location to pursue your studies -- in the heart of a dynamic city and in the world marketplace of Silicon Valley. Area firms and agencies regularly seek our students for internships, summer work programs and for assistance with research projects. We send 6,000 well-prepared graduates into this region every year, more than any other Bay Area school.

Choosing the university that's right for you is a key to your future success. I invite you to explore our website to see if San José State is a good match with your interests and career goals. Then I strongly urge you and your family to come and visit our beautiful campus, talk with our students and faculty, and get a sense of this dynamic place. For students who are motivated and willing to work hard, the experience we offer is exceptional.

With best wishes for success in college,

Jon Whitmore

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