Presidential directives and memos address campus/university policies, issues and various topics. Below is a list of all current, active policies.

View a list of obsolete presidential directives (1979 to present).

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Executive Order No. 1043, Student Conduct Procedures (Supersedes PD 2009-04) 08/19/19


CSU General Education Breadth requirements 05/13/19


Smoke-free and Tobacco-free Campus 11/20/14
PD-2012-01 San José State University Order of Succession (Supersedes PD 2009-03) 10/10/12
PD-2011-01 Use of University Facilities and Outdoor Spaces for Special Events, Activities, and Programs 6/7/2011
PD-2009-06 SJSU Process and Procedures for Wireless Devices 10/8/09
PD-2009-05 Graduation and Change of Major 9/1/09
PD-2009-04 Executive Order No. 1043, Student Conduct Procedures (Supersedes PD 2007-01) 8/18/09

Discrimination Complaint Procedure for External Job Applicants (Supersedes PD 96-04) 6/26/09
PD-2009-01 Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression: The Rights and Obligations of Speakers, Performers, Audience Members, Co-Sponsors, Campus Guests, and Protesters at San José State University 6/26/09

Institutional Policy on Access and Control of Information Contained in Employee Records (Revised 11/19/2008) 8/25/08
PD-2008-02 Institutional Policy on Access and Control of Information Contained in Student Records (Original directive [PDF] revised 3/12/2012) 8/25/08
PD-2008-01 University-wide marketing, Phase 1: Update of logo and university style guidelines 6/20/08
PD-2007-05 (Revised) Parking, Traffic and Transit Advisory Committee (Supersedes Supersedes PD 99-02, as revised on 2/4/2003, and PD-07-05 as issued on 10/11/2007) 2/27/08
PD-2007-07 San José State University Discrimination Complaint Procedure for Students and Applicants for Admission (Supersedes PD 96-04 and revised 12/18/2012) 11/30/07
PD-2007-06 Campus Non-Motorized Vehicles (bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc.) 10/23/07
PD-2007-05 Parking, Traffic and Transit Advisory Committee 10/11/07
PD-2007-04 Student Organization Code of Conduct 8/21/07
PD-2007-03 Funding of Endowed Chairs and Professorships (Supersedes PD-1997-02) 3/15/07
PD-2007-02 Access to Electronic and Information Technology Policy for Persons with Disabilities 3/12/07
PD-2007-01 Student Conduct Procedures 2/22/07
PD-2006-02 Space Management and Allocation 2/14/06
PD-2006-01 Banking and Investment of SJSU Philanthropic Funds 12/14/06
PD-2005-01 Risk Management (Supersedes PD-2000-02) 9/22/05
PD-2001-02 Collecting and Installing Art at SJSU (Revised) 9/5/02
PD-2001-01 SJSU "Time, Place and Manner" Regulations 4/12/01
PD-2000-03 Hepatitis B Immunization Requirement 5/5/00
PD-2000-01 Banking and Investment of State and Non-State Funds 4/5/00
PD-1999-03 Update of Gift Acceptance Policy--New Forms 9/7/99
PD-1999-02 Parking, Traffic and Transit Advisory Committee (Revised) 2/4/03
PD-1999-01 Interim Faculty Merit Increase Policy 4/6/99
PD-1998-04 Repeal of PD-1993-02, Vice Presidents Selection and Review 10/30/98
PD-1998-02 Access to Technology and Computer Labs for Students with Disabilities 4/8/1998
PD-1997-03 Accommodations for Students with Disabilities (Supersedes PD 95-04) 10/1/1997
PD-1996-03 Campus Fee Advisory Committee 10/23/1996
PD-1991-01 Implementation of Trustees Resolutions on Policy and Procedures for Employment of Tenured Faculty Beyond Age 70 (Supplements University Policy S86-4) 3/3/1991