Obsolete Presidential Directives

Presidential Directives and memos address campus/university policies, issues and various topics. Below is a list of obsolete policies.

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PD-2009-03 San José State University Order of Succession (Supersedes PD 97-01) 7/14/09
PD-2007-07 San José State University Discrimination Complaint Procedure for Students and Applicants for Admission (Supersedes PD 96-04) 11/30/07
PD-2000-02 Safety and Risk Management 2/15/2000
PD-1998-03 Approval of Travel Requests and Delegation of Authority 10/30/1998
PD-1998-01 This directive is missing  


PD-1997-02 Endowed Professorships 1/20/1997
PD-1997-01 Order of Succession (Supersedes all previous notices) 1/2/1997
PD-1996-04 San José State University Discrimination Complaint Procedures for Students and Applicants for Admission (Supersedes PD 91-03 and all previous discrimination complaint procedures) 11/20/1996
PD-1996-02 Access to Computer Laboratories 5/29/1996
PD-1996-01 Student Health Advisory Committee 4/30/1996
PD-1995-06 Campus Design Guidelines 10/16/1995
PD-1995-05 San José State University's Position Statement on the Injury and Illness Prevention Program
(Supersedes PD 91-04)
PD-1995-04 Accommodations for Students with Disabilities (Supersedes PD 95-01) 9/20/1995
PD-1995-03 Chain of Command 9/7/1995
PD-1995-01 Accommodations for Disabled Students (Supersedes PD 91-06) 6/21/1995
PD-1994-02 Violence in the Workplace 11/16/1994
PD-1994-01 Chain of Command 8/5/1994
PD-1993-02 Vice Presidents, Selection and Review 10/4/1993
PD-1993-01 Chain of Command 12/13/1993
  Drug-Free School, Drug-Free Workplace (Supersedes PD 89-02 /Reissued from 9/12/90) 2/10/1992  
PD-1992 Missing: Directives for 1992  


PD-1991-09 University Flagpole Policy 9/17/1991
. pdf
PD-1991-08 Sexual Harassment and Special Responsibilities of Supervisory and Management Personnel Having Knowledge of Potential Sexual Harassment Situation 8/16/1991
. pdf
PD-1991-07 San José State University Discrimination Complaint Procedures for Employees and Applicants for Employment Who Are Not Required to File a Discrimination Complaint or Grievance Under a Separate Procedure Provided for in a Union Agreement 8/9/1991
. pdf
PD-1991-05 Safe Operation of Utility Carts and Fork Lifts 7/25/1991
PD-1991-04 San José State University Position Statement on Health and Safety 7/1/1991
PD-1991-02 Colleges of San José State University (All Present Schools Changed to "Colleges") 5/16/1991
PD-1990-04 Accommodations for Disabled Students (Supersedes PD 90-03) 9/28/1990
PD-1990-03 Accommodations for Disabled Students 8/29/1990
PD-1990-01 Pedestrian Safety from Bicycle, Skateboard, Roller-Skates and Similar Devices (Supersedes PD 89-03) 2/15/1990
PD-1989-04 Campus Safety Advisory Committee 12/6/1989
PD-1989-03 Bicycle and Skateboard Safety 9/22/1989
PD-1989-02 Drug-Free Workplace 7/10/1989
PD-1989-01 Procedures for Selection and Review of Academic Associate Deans and Associate Directors 5/1/1989
PD-1988-02 Educational Business Activities 7/29/1988
PD-1988-01 Equipment Maintenance Logs 4/4/1988
PD-1987-01 Performance Evaluation Procedures and Criteria for Employees in Unit 4 - Academic Support (Other Than Those in Academic-Related Positions) 1/27/1987
PD-1986-05 Performance Evaluation Procedures and Criteria for Administrative Employees in Unit 4 - Academic Support 9/26/1986
PD-1986-03 Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action 9/22/1986
PD-1986-02 Compliance with Gift Processing Provisions of the Federal Tax Reform Act of 1984 5/22/1986
PD-1986-01 Sexual Harassment Cases - Procedures 3/12/1986
PD-1985-08 SJSU Holiday Calendar for 1986 11/20/1985
PD-1985-07 Fiscal Policies 8/14/1985
PD-1985-06 Position Classification Program 8/1/1985
PD-1985-05 Implementation of Campus Smoking Policy 7/15/1985
PD-1985-04 Employee Parking on Ninth Street and in North Garage 6/10/1985
PD-1985-03 Implementation of E.O. 345 "Prohibition of Sexual Harassment" 6/26/1985
PD-1985-02 Appropriate Administrators for Handling Unit Three (Faculty) Grievances 5/1/1985
PD-1985-01 Procedures for Granting Released Time (with or without Representation) Units 2, 5, 7, 9 (CSEA) 3/10/1985
PD-1984-07 Implementation of Trustees' Resolution RA9-83-057 (Plant Operations) and BA 84-25 12/26/1984
PD-1984-06 Holiday Time Off 12/18/1984
PD-1984-05 Students Subject to Disqualification at End of Fall 1984 12/13/1984
PD-1984-04 Chain of Command 11/26/1984
PD-1984-03 Procedures for Review Concerning Personnel Actions 11/1/1984
PD-1984-02 Parking Permits "R," "E," and "Floaters" 8/23/1984
PD-1984-01 Report Management Procedures 5/31/1984
PD-1983-13 Procedure for Granting Releases Time (with or without Representation) Units 2,5,7,9 (CSEA) 11/10/1983
PD-1983-12 United Way Campaign 11/2/1983
PD-1983-11 Holiday Vacation Schedule 10/24/1983
PD-1983-10 1983-84 Budget and "Freeze" Open
PD-1983-09 Fall 1983 General Meeting 7/18/1983
PD-1983-08 Funeral Leave 5/2/1983
PD-1983-07 Robert D. Clark Distinguished Professor 4/22/1983
PD-1983-06 New Address for San José State University 4/13/1983
PD-1983-05 Golden Handshake 3/23/1983
PD-1983-04 President's Annual School Scholar Address 3/1/1983
PD-1983-03 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Seminar 2/18/1983
PD-1983-02 Golden Handshake 2/3/1983
PD-1983-01 1983-84 Administrative Fellows Program 1/31/1983
PD-1982-24 Delegation of Authority 12/20/1982
PD-1982-23 Chain of Command 12/13/1982
PD-1982-22 The Great American Smokeout Day 11/12/1982
PD-1982-21 United Way Campaign 10/26/1982
PD-1982-20 Parking 10/11/1982
PD-1982-19 Christmas Vacation Calendar 10/12/1982
PD-1982-18 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Seminar 9/20/1982
PD-1982-17 Support Staff Coffee 9/15/1982
PD-1982-16 Power Shutdown 9/2/1982
PD-1982-15 Revision of Policy on Fingerprinting of Employees 8/23/1982
PD-1982-14 University Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Plans 8/16/1982
PD-1982-13 Fall 1982 General Faculty Meeting 7/30/1982
PD-1982-12 125th Anniversary Open House Open
PD-1982-11 The Freeze - Implementation of Executive Order B97-82 5/24/1982
PD-1982-10 The Freeze - A Note of Explanation and Appreciation 4/9/1982
PD-1982-09 The Freeze - Fiscal Crisis 3/26/1982
PD-1982-08 Dwight Bentel Hall Dedication 3/18/1982
PD-1982-07 President's Annual Scholars Address 3/16/1982
PD-1982-06 Official Seal 3/1/1982
PD-1982-05 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Seminar 3/5/1982
PD-1982-04 1982-83 Administrative Fellows Program 3/2/1982
PD-1982-03 Appointment of Paul Tsao as Associate Executive VP for ISC 2/17/1982
PD-1982-02 Robert D. Clark Library Dedication 2/22/1982
PD-1982-01 University-Community Dinner Dance 1/6/1982
PD-1981-25 Informal Time Off 12/16/1981
PD-1981-24 United Way Campaign 11/6/1981
PD-1981-23 Committee on the Future 10/23/1981
PD-1981-22 1981-82 Budgetary Freeze 10/19/1981
PD-1981-21 Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures 10/8/1981
PD-1981-20 Search Committee for Executive Vice President 10/6/1981
PD-1981-19 Support Staff Coffee 10/2/1981
PD-1981-18 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Seminar 9/14/1981
PD-1981-17 Review of the Instructional Performance of Tenured Faculty 9/9/1981
PD-1981-16 Performance Evaluation Procedure for Managerial and Administrative Employees 8/7/1981
PD-1981-15 HEERA Seminar 8/11/1981
PD-1981-14 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Seminar 8/12/1981
PD-1981-13 Salary Increases 7/24/1981
PD-1981-12 Informal Time Off 7/1/1981
PD-1981-11 Employee Rights Under the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA) 7/9/1981
PD-1981-10 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Program 4/14/1981
PD-1981-08 1980 Graduating Senior Survey Results 3/20/1981
PD-1981-07 Release of Home Addresses to Employee Organizations 3/16/1981
PD-1981-06 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Program 3/11/1981
PD-1981-05 Implementation of Trustee Resolutions on Policy and Procedures for the Evaluation of Tenured Faculty 3/10/1981
PD-1981-04 President's Annual Scholars Address 3/3/1981
PD-1981-03 1981-82 Administrative Fellows Program 3/2/1981
PD-1981-02 Revised Faculty Salary Schedule 2/20/1981
PD-1981-01 Congratulations on Graduation 1/15/1981
PD-1980-18 Informal Time Off 12/18/1980
PD-1980-17 Procedure for Petitioning for Academic Redress of Grade 11/24/1980
PD-1980-16 United Way Campaign 10/20/1980
PD-1980-15 Proposal for a Revised Faculty Salary Schedule for the CSUC 10/7/1980
PD-1980-14 Support Staff Coffee 9/17/1980
PD-1980-13 Rape Prevention Education 8/18/1980
PD-1980-11 Campus Security 7/18/1980
PD-1980-10 General Faculty and Staff Meeting - Fall 1980 6/26/1980
PD-1980-09 No PD Recorded  


PD-1980-08 Defeat of Proposition 9 5/30/1980
PD-1980-07 Personal Congratulations 5/30/1980
PD-1980-06 President's Annual Scholar Exhibition 4/14/1980
PD-1980-05 Request for Posting of Notice Re: Commencement Publication of Information 4/9/1980
PD-1980-04 Faculty Development Questionnaire Sub-Task Force on Faculty Development University Task Force on Student Recruitment and Retention 3/31/1980
PD-1980-03 All University Meeting Regarding Proposition 9 3/26/1980
PD-1980-02 Replacement of the Computer and Temporary Freeze of Software Development and Modification 3/19/1980
PD-1980-01 Second Annual Theatre Night Benefit 1/21/1980
PD-1979-16 Informal Time Off 12/17/1979
PD-1979-15 Task Force Announcements 12/10/1979
PD-1979-14 United Way Campaign 10/22/1979
PD-1979-13 Support Staff Coffee 10/8/1979
PD-1979-12 Chain of Command 8/31/1979
PD-1979-11 Salary Increases 7/26/1979
PD-1979-10 Possible Strike or Other Job Disruptions 7/19/1979
PD-1979-09 Support Staff Council 5/4/1979
PD-1979-08 Assembly Areas for Inaugural Marchers  
PD-1979-07 Request for Posting Notice 4/16/1979


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