To?: Department Secretaries
From: Presidential Inauguration Committee
Subject: Assembly Areas for Inaugural Marchers

Scheduled personnel marching in the President's inauguration April 24 are requested to be in their assembly areas no later than 2:15 p.m. (see attached map for assembly areas).

It is suggested that personnel who are wearing regalia "robe" in their offices and walk to the assembly area. Women may consider leaving their purses in their offices.

Emeritus faculty will march with their former departments.

Faculty, staff, and administrators representing Learned and Professional Societies will assemble in Speech and Drama Room 122.



Order Of Procession

University Flag Bearers
Representatives of the Student Body
Representatives of the Support Staff
The Faculty
Delegates from Learned and Professional Societies
Delegates from Universities and Colleges
Presidents of the California State University and Colleges
The Campus Advisory Board
The Trustees
The Presidential Party

Inauguration Assembly and Procession

Faculty will assembly in six locations.

  1. Sidewalk area next to theatre:
  2. School of Social Sciences Faculty
    Library Faculty
    Student Services Faculty

  3. Sidewalk area next to reserve book room:
  4. Instructional Resources Faculty School of Humanities & Arts Faculty

  5. Sidewalk area next to Journalism Building:
  6. New College Faculty
    School of Education Faculty
    School of Business Faculty
    School of Engineering Faculty

  7. Parking lot behind Men's Gym:
  8. School of Applied Arts and Sciences Faculty
    School of Science Faculty
    Intercollegiate Sports Faculty

  9. Speech and Drama, Room 122:
  10. Faculty and Staff representing Learned and Professional Societies

  11. Science Lecture Hall 142:
  12. Support Staff Council

Faculty will march to the seating area in columns of two and fill two rows of seats as they enter the seating area.