July 26, 1979

To: All Employees
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: Salary Increases

It is a pleasure to be able to inform you of further favorable action by the Board of Trustees with respect to salary increases. At the July 18 meeting of the Board of Trustees, a raise of 9.3% for all employees was granted -- all that funds in the budget permitted at that time. However, the Board empowered the Faculty and Staff Affairs Committee to act on further increases in the event of a legislative override in the matter of CSUC salaries. As you are undoubtedly aware, the override was successful. Today, in an emergency meeting of the Committee on Faculty and Staff Affairs, the following actions were taken:

For the Academic Salary Group (faculty, librarians, student affairs officers, deans, vice presidents) "salary increases in the amount of approximately 14.35% are authorized for all classes in the academic salary group excluding Extension and Summer Session Faculty, effective July 1, 1979..." In addition to the 14.35%, certain classes of librarians (librarian-10 month, librarian-12 month, and Assistant Director of the Library) will receive an additional equity adjustment of approximately 5%.

For the Administrative, Support Staff, and other classes “Éa general salary increase of approximately 13% for all administrative, support staff and other classes, with the exception of Executive classes which will receive a 10.0% salary increase, and equity salary adjustments ranging from approximately 0.5% to 7.5% for selected classes... in addition to the 13.0% general salary increase, the precise amounts as shown on the Salary Schedule of The California State University and Colleges, effective July 1, 1979..."

The Board authorized an increase in the shift differential from 13¢ per hour to 23¢ per hour for the evening shift and from 18' per hour to 28' per hour for the night shift, effective July 1, 1979.

These actions supersede the action taken by the Board on July 18, 1979 which I reported to you in an earlier letter. That letter had also indicated that because of the possibility of a job action, all absences due to illness were to be certified by a physician. Because there seems to be little likelihood of a job action at this time, absences due to illness are now subject to the prior requirements for verification.

If you have any questions, please contact either your immediate supervisor or Mr. Milioto in the Personnel Office.