October 22, 1979

To: Campus
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: United Way Campaign

Dear Fellow Employee:

United Way helps support more than 70 separate human care agencies in Santa Clara County, including:

The Centre for Living with Dying
Girl and Boy Scouts
Adult Independence Development Center
United Cerebral Palsy
Salvation ArmyBig Brothers/Big Sisters
Hope Rehabilitation Services
American Red Cross
Goodwill Industries
Homemaker Services

We have University programs supported by several of these agencies. In addition, for the first time this year, your United Way pledge will also provide year round support to the Santa Clara County Chapter of the American Heart Association, which, through a contractual arrangement, is now cooperating in industry with the United Way.

The enclosed paper describes all of the United Way agencies which are serving thousands of our neighbors and fellow employees. Please take the time to review it, including the suggested giving guide, and consider your gift very seriously. Through pledging only a small amount each month through the payroll deduction plan, you can make a meaningful contribution.

From October 22 until November 3 we will be conducting our United Way campaign. This year you may be asked to attend a 20-minute meeting during working hours to learn more about the United Way and make yourpledge at that time. Alternatively, your department/unit Key Worker will contact you for your contribution. In either case, you will have the opportunity to obtain first-hand knowledge with minimum expense of your time.

Our contributions will help support these vital services that you or I, or possibly a member of our family, may turn to this year during a time of personal crisis. I ask you to join me in making a Fair Share pledge to our United Way campaign. I am personally pledging 1% of my salary on a payroll deduction basis.

Gail Fullerton