December 10, 1979

To: Deans, Department Chairs, Administrators
From: President Gall Fullerton
Subject: Task Force Announcement

Many of you have expressed concern about the cumulative effects of reductions in State support combined with a temporary drop to student enrollment. We are all unhappy that some cut-backs in operating budgets and staff have been a necessary consequence. The overall mission and greatness of the University remain unchanged, however; and we have many options available for creative responses to the present challenge.

Numerous campuses have been faced with problems similar to our own and have been able to demonstrate that an aggressive and creative recruitment and retention program can significantly change downward trends in student enrollment. For this reason, I have created a special task force to make recommendations designed to help us become more effective in our recruitment of new students and in our retention of those students who have already made a commitment to San José State University. Members-of the task force include: Dr. Henry Bruinsma, Dr. Sybil Weir, Dr. Larry Gerston, Mr. Gerald Brody, Dr. Rosa Reeves, Ms. Ellen VanNortwick, Ms. Sylvia Castillo, Dr. Charles Whitcomb, Ms. Nancy McFadden and Dr. Lowell Walter, Chairman.

Because programs and services which lead to an Improvement in our retention of students who are progressing toward a degree must be the ultimate goal rather than the retention of students per se, the Task Force has been instructed to seek out the advice and cooperation of every segment of the campus.

What ideas do you have to offer regarding changes and Improvements in the following areas?

Recruitment -- Learning/Academic Support Programs
Admission Procedures -- Academic Advising
Orientation for Students -- Counseling Services
Financial Aid -- Curricula Content
Career Assistance -- Policy Statements
Campus Image -- Registration

The Task Force earnestly solicits your suggestions and has asked me to request you to mall any recommendations for programs, or actions, to them in care of my office.