July 18, 1980

To: All Faculty, Staff, and Administrative Employees
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: Campus Security

Although we have expended considerable energies and funds in upgrading campus security over the past several years, the recent tragic incidents that have occurred on our campus underscore the need for continuing and accelerating such efforts. These recent incidents also underscore the potential for violence that our environment presents, and the need for each of us to share responsibility for our mutual safety.

The recent assaults on persons included armed robbery of male employees as well as assaults on female employees. I am inviting all employees on campus to meet with me in Morris Dailey Auditorium on Thursday, July 24, at 11 a.m. Executive Vice President Coleman, Lieut. Larry James, and Officer Joyce Taylor will join me in discussing with you the steps that we have taken, the steps that we are contemplating, and measures that we hope you will be willing to participate in toward our mutual goal of increasing our personal safety. You will have an opportunity to offer suggestions for action that you believe will contribute to your safety and that of your colleagues.

Offices may be closed for this meeting, provided that essential services are maintained. I look forward to meeting with you next Thursday.


Academic Vice President
Executive Vice President
Dean, Student Services
Director, Information Systems & Computing