December 18, 1980

To: All Administrators and Support Staff
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: Informal Time Off

In accordance with an authorization of four hours of informal time, off for employees just received from Governor Brown, via Acting Vice Chancellor Robert Tyndall, I am happy to announce that the San José State University campus will be closed, except for the maintenance of essential services, at noon on Wednesday, December 24, 1980. Employees who are on vacation, sick leave, or CTO may be granted the equivalent informal time off prior to June 30, 1981. This time shall not be considered CTO and is not compensable in cash.

As you know, the campus will be closed on December 26, 1980 and January 2, 1981.

Happy Holidays!


Acting Academic Vice President
Executive Vice President
Director, Information Systems & Computing
Dean, Student Services
Personnel Officer