January 15, 1981

To: Campus
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: Congratulations on Graduation

Dear Graduating Senior:

I want to extend to you my personal congratulations on your recent graduation from San José State University and to wish you the very best success in your future endeavors. I know you have already met a variety of challenges in com?pleting your academic program at San José State and am confident that it will be one of many important accomplishments for you.

With your graduation you became one of a large number of distinguished San José State alumni. We hope you will join them in remaining in contact with this, your university, and will play an active role in shaping the future. Toward this end, we have prepared a questionnaire which we hope you will complete. This questionnair4 seeks your opinions and judgments about various aspects of your undergraduate experience at San José State: your response will be most important; to our continuing effort to improve our undergraduate program. Since the value of such a survey is heavily dependent on the number who respond, it is essential that we hear from as many of you as possible. Of course, your response will be held in strict confidence. I would be most grateful if you would take the few minutes required to complete the questionnaire and drop it into the mail. A self-addressed, stamped envelope is provided for your convenience.

So that we may incorporate your responses into our plans for the coming year, we would very much appreciate receiving your responses by February 25. Could you possibly complete the questionnaire now? The more one postpones these tasks, the more burdensome they seem to become.

Again, congratulations and best wishes for the future. We look forward to on?going contact with you through the San José State Alumni Association.

Gail Fullerton