March 16, 1981

To: All Employees
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: Release of Home Addresses to Employee Organizations

The CSUC may be required to release home mailing addresses to employee organizations. Under the Provisions of the Information Practices Act, an individual employee may request to have his or her address removed from the mailing list given to an employee organization.

If you wish your address to be removed from such mailing lists, you should complete the attached form promptly and return the completed form to the payroll office for verification no later than April 6, 1981.

It is the policy of the CSUC that home addresses not be released and we will continue to pursue that policy. We do feel that we should be prepared in the event we are required to release such lists, and it was our desire that you have an opportunity to have your home address deleted prior to the release of any such list.