September 9, 1981

To: Department Chairs and Heads of Equivalent First Level of Review
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: Review of the Instructional Performance of Tenured Faculty

A reminder if I may: the review(s) of the instructional performance of tenured faculty required by Board of Trustee policy should begin this year. As you will recall, the Board requires that each faculty member be reviewed at least once every five years. The Board's clear intent is that the reviews be accomplished according to a schedule that spreads them roughly equally over the full five-year cycle.

Although there is no rigid requirement, especially this first year, that depart?ments review one-fifth of their faculty, those that have their policy and procedures in place may be able to accomplish a "normal" cycle; others should do what they reasonably can to approach what will become for them a "normal" cycle. Please bear in mind, however, that although we will proceed cautiously, preferring to develop intelligent, manageable policy and procedure rather than to rush pell-mell into reviews, we must accomplish the full cycle of reviews within the five year period required by Trustee policy, and we should not attempt to do so by reviewing everyone during the last year of that five-year period.


Academic Vice President
Assoc. Academic Vice President/Faculty Affairs School Deans
Chair, Academic Senate