April 9, 1982

To: All Faculty and Staff
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: The Freeze: A Note of Explanation and Appreciation

Understandably, there have been many rumors about the freeze and its implications. I thought, in consequence, it would be useful to clarify several matters of concern for you. First, although I do not want to minimize the problems involved, with the economies instituted statewide and with those instituted on this campus, we will be able to meet our payroll to the end of this fiscal year. You will be paid and paid in real money, not scrip.

Second, vital University activity will continue. There will be no significant abatement in our health and safety programs and essential instructional activity will not be curtailed. The freeze on purchases applies to office supplies and equipment, not instructional materials, the purchase of which may continue with the approval of the appropriate dean or division head. Third, the temporary freeze on mailing no longer is in effect. I want to emphasize that we must exercise considerable restraint and that should voluntary compliance not work (we will be closely monitoring by department all mailing), we may have to use another approach.

Fourth, the freeze on personnel transactions -- hiring, transfers, expansion of time base, promotions, etc.-- is in effect, and we should plan on it continuing until the beginning of the next fiscal year on July lst. I know it is inconvenient, indeed, in some cases deeply distressing (my own office is now without, and will continue to be without, a crucial secretarial-clerical position), but we have no choice and must make do.

These are not easy times and, lamentably, the future does not look much brighter. But with your help and reasonable prudence, we will manage. My sincere thanks for your cooperation and support.

AVP Burns
EVP Evans
AAVP Robinson
AEVP Guttormsen Dean Martin
Chairman McNeil