October 26, 1982

To: All Faculty and Staff
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: United Way Campaign

Dear Colleagues:

The very young and the very old. The disadvantaged and the disabled. Those with troubled lives. All these and many others are helped by your gifts to the United Way.

San José State University is part of a larger community, as are those fine people that work here. We are not an island, and in many ways, as individuals and as an institution, we have turned outward to instruct, support, and to work with other peoples and agencies.

As a group, however, in at least one important respect, we have fallen short. Our record of contributions to United Way -- the single mostcomprehensive charitable agency in our area -- has not been commensurate either with our stature or with our ability to contribute. Although certainly not true for all of us, many here would have to say, "Thanks to someone else, it's working."

Let us all do as much as we can. I will pledge my "fair share." I urge you to do the same. Let us say with the others in our community, "Thanks to all of us, it's working." Between November 1 and November 12, your department or division head will talk to you about the United Way and give you some material describing its many activities. He or she will also give you a pledge card or payroll deduction slip. Please consider what you are capable of giving and think of what your gifts can do for people in need of help.

Gail Fullerton