December 13, 1982

To: Deans, Department Chairs Heads of Administrative Units
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: "Chain of Command"

This letter supersedes my memorandum on the same subject of August 31, 1979, P79-12.

The two Vice Presidents of the University are of equal rank, but it is necessary to designate one of them to make decisions for the University on those occasions when I am away from the campus. I am again asking Academic Vice President Bert Burns to be the responsible administrative officer in my absence.

In order to insure that there will be no doubt as to the administrative officer in charge empowered to make presidential decisions, in the event of the absence of both myself and Vice President Burns, the following order of devolution of these responsibilities will be in force, effective immediately:

  1. President
  2. Academic Vice President
  3. Executive Vice President
  4. Dean of Student Services
  5. Associate Academic Vice President, Faculty Affairs
  6. Associate Executive Vice President, Facilities Development and Operation

This memorandum will serve as the designation of both authority and responsibility to the above named administrators to make decisions on behalf of the President in emergency situations when I am not available. It is not intended to alter the normal responsibilities of any of the administrators indicated nor should it be so interpreted.


Chancellor Reynolds
Executive Committee, Academic Senate
Academic Vice President
Executive Vice President
Dean, Student Services
Associate AVP, Faculty Affairs
Associate EVP, Facilities Development & Operations Chief, University Police