January 31, 1983

To: Faculty and Administrative Personnel
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: 1983-84 Administrative Fellows Program

The Trustees' Budget includes funds for continued support for The CSU Administrative Fellows Program. Although the Trustees' request must still go through review by the legislative and executive branches of the State, there is at this time no reason to think that the Legislature will not support this Program.

It is essential, however, that all applicants understand that appointments will be contingent on funds being provided in the final Budget which will not be signed until June 30, 1983.

Full details of the Program and application materials may be obtained from the President's Office in Tower Hall 206.

  • Purpose of the Program

The purpose of the Program is to provide an opportunity for upward mobility especially aimed at ensuring that women and persons from ethnic minority backgrounds are given equal opportunities for career development leading eventually to placement and advancement in administrative, managerial and executive positions in The CSU.

  • Applicants

Application for the Administrative Fellows Program is open to academic and administrative personnel who have a tenured/permanent or probationary position on their campus and who desire to prepare themselves for a career option in administration or management. Final selection of fellows and operation of the Program will be on a nondiscriminatory basis.

Faculty and Administrative

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January 31, 1983

The Administrative Fellows who are selected will normally be assigned to a campus other than their own. Only under very unusual or compelling reasons will fellows be assigned to their home campus. Therefore, applicants should seriously consider their mobility as a factor in making their personal de?cision to apply for an appointment.

The fellowship is for the Academic Year, 1983-84. Fellows will receive their regular salary, vacation and retirement benefits s if they were in their regular position at their home campus.

Timetable for Applications

February 1, 1983

Application forms available in the President's Office.

March 18, 1983

Deadline for applications. Applications must be filed in the Office of the President by 5:00 p.m. March 18, 1983.
Confidential Evaluation Forms must also be submitted by March 18, 1983.

Latter part of May 1983

Offers of appointment as Administrative Fellows will be made.