March 1, 1983

To: Members of the University Community
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: President's Annual Scholar Address

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the recipient of the Tenth President's Annual Scholar Award is Professor Robert A. Hicks. Professor Hicks earned both the Baccalaureate and Master's degree in psychology from San José State University. After receiving his doctorate from the Univer- sity of Denver, he returned to San José State in 1966. Since that time, he has contributed steadily as both teacher and scholar to the quality of the University's intellectual life. As teacher he is widely respected by both students and peers, and as a scholar he has received seventeen (17) grants, published well over 100 articles, and has become a recognized authority on sleep and sleep deprivation.

I hope you will join me and other members of the University community in honoring Professor Hicks by attending his President's Annual Scholar Lecture entitled “Normal Insomnia: Its Benefits and Its Costs.” He will give the lecture on May 11 at 4.00 p.m in the Loma Prieta Room of the Student Union.