April 13, 1983

To: Deans, Department Chairs, Administrative Heads
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: New Address For San José State University

Recently we were informed by the U.S. Post Office of two events of interest to you: first, we would have to add to our letterhead and envelopes the additional our-digit zip required by law; and second, that we would have to discontinue use of our Washington Square address.

With the assistance of City Councilwoman Iola Williams, the City of San José has recently given us a new address:
San José State University, One Washington Square, San José, CA 95192-0001

With these changes in mind, I asked the Office of Community Relations to design new stationery that incorporates the University's logo (not the seal) as well as these most recent changes.

As you use up your existing supplies of stationery and reorder for the coming year, you will be issued stationery with the new logo, the new address and the new zip codes assigned to your department or program. Your department will be charged a modest fee for these changes, but I want to point out the fee would have been the same had we made only one small change, such as the zip code, or had we totally redesigned the letterhead, as we have done.

No additional paperwork or effort will be required of you as you reorder. Simply fill out the Reprographics Service Requisition and request replacement letterhead and envelopes in the usual manner. Do not use new stationery with old.

State policy does not permit the expenditure of general fund monies for business cards bearing the new design. However, those of you who wish to order cards bearing the new design (see attached example) may do so by calling Mr. Craig Kochersberger, Graphics Coordinator, 7-3838. These cards must be paid for with non-State monies.

Should you have questions or require assistance, please call Mr. Kochersberger.

AVP Burns, EVP Evans