October 24, 1983

To: All University Employees
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: Holiday Vacation Schedule

This is to remind you that three of this year's holidays have been rescheduled for observance on other days, as was indicated on the orange Pay Date and Holiday Card. As a result, we will have longer periods of time off during the holidays, especially since both Christmas Day and New Year's Day fall on Sundays this year, which gives us the following Mondays off. The rescheduled days are as follows:

Campus Open Campus Closed
Admissions Day (September 9) November 25
Columbus Day (October 10) December 23
Veterans Day (November 11) December 30

This means the campus will be closed as follows:

Thanksgiving: November 24-25-26-27 (Thursday through Sunday),

Christmas: December 23-24-25-26 (Friday through Monday),

New Year's: December 30-31, January 1-2 (Friday through Monday).

Normal schedules will resume Tuesday, January 3, 1984.

I sincerely hope that this vacation schedule will add to your enjoyment of the holiday season.

GF: ck