November 2, 1983

To: Campus
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: United Way Campaign

Dear Colleague:

San José State University is more than a cluster of buildings with surrounding grounds. This University is expected by the society that supports us to be a manifestation of the best in human nature, to be an intellectual and ethical community to which parents can send their sons and. daughters to acquire a humane view of life as well as knowledge and professional skills.

As much as this University has done toward preserving and developing knowledge and im?parting it to our students, in one way we as a University have not been living up to the expectations that our community has for us. Only a small fraction of our faculty, staff, and administrators have been contributors to the United Way. Almost all of the industries in our valley have a significantly higher participation rate in the United Way fund drive than does San José State University.

There are 2,832 persons on the payroll of this campus; last year only 379 of us con?tributed to the United Way. The total contributions from SJSU were a meager $19,670, an average of $51.90 per person contributing. Granted, it was a year in which there was no cost of living raise for us, but it was still a year in which we were employed many of our neighbors were not. If half of us had contributed at the same average amount, the contributions from San, José State University to the community of which we are a part would have totaled $73,490.

The many United Way agencies with which departments at SJSU are involved through intern placements, for example -- depend on contributions for their continued existence. If for some reason you have become hesitant about donating to the United Way, there is an alternative during this same drive to make a contribution to other organizations.

The drive on campus is the California State Employees Combined Fund Drive, a payroll deduction program through which you can designate funds for specific United Way agencies (perhaps one where your school has interns) or you can give to other organizations -- e.g., some environmental groups -- that are not included in the United Way. A list of these organizations will be available from the Combined Fund Drive coordinator who will be talking with you sometime between now and November 18.

When the Combined Fund Drive coordinator in your area gives you a payroll deduction form, please consider using this to make your contribution. There is a minimum of $2.00 per month for payroll deduction. Your gift through payroll deduction is certain to appear as part of the total from San José State University, and your payroll slips provide a record of your tax-deductible donation.

Our campus goal for 1983 is to reverse the downward trend of the last few years and to sign up, through payroll deduction, at least 50% of full-time employees. I will continue my own payroll deduction and hope that you, as an individual, will consider carefully what you are capable of giving. If each of us gives our fair share, San José State University can indeed be a model of enlightened self-interest.

Sincerely yours,
Gail Fullerton