23 August 1984

To: Executive Vice President J. Handel Evans, Academic Vice President John Gruber , Dean of Student Services Robert Martin
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: Parking Permits: "R" Permits, Special "E" Permits,"Floaters"

Because of the critical shortage of parking spaces that we are about to experience, I find it necessary to make some changes in the parking permit assignments we have previously used. Some of these changes will affect persons who have been authorized to purchase "R" permits in the past.

"R" Permits: As in prior years, I will delegate to you the authority to make the initial determination of those employees who should be authorized to purchase an "R" parking permit; however, I am requesting that you send these lists to my office for final approval and compilation, rather than sending them directly to the Department of Traffic and Parking Operations.

Please bear in mind that this campus has a total of only 56 "R" spaces on lots and 12 that have been utilized for "R" parking in the South Parking Garage (of these 12, more later). It is important that you restrict your list to those who most need the "R" permit designation. I ask for your careful discretion in this regard.

When all three lists are compiled in my office, if the total number exceeds the number of "R" spaces by more than 15%, we will have to reduce the lists. I will not do this unilaterally, but rather in consultation with you at one of our Thursday morning meetings. Please send me your "R" permit authorization lists no later than August 31, so that the authorized persons can purchase permits as soon as possible.

"Floater" Permits: As of this date, all "Floater" permits are eliminated, whether “E” or "R". The original purpose of the "Floater" permit was to allow departments the opportunity to purchase a permit with state funds, to be used by a number of persons having limited business on this campus during a semester.

State regulations do not permit a "Floater" permit to be given to an individual for an extended period of time. Such usage is tantamount to having the State pay for employee parking, which is prohibited. Due to the reported abuse of such "Floater" permits, this category of parking permit is being eliminated.

The Department of Traffic and Parking Operations will continue to issue single-day permits, on appropriate authorization. The procedure for securing single-day permits was outlined in a memorandum from the Parking Office dated June 28, 1984.

Special "E" Permits: Beginning immediately, the Department of Traffic and arcing Operations, upon appropriate authorization, will issue aspecial "E" permit which will allow authorized employees to park in an area set aside in the South Parking Garage (an area which will include the present 12 "R" permit spaces). The special "E" permit will be issued on a one-semester-only basis to faculty members who have as part of their regular assignment the supervision of student interns at off-campus locations and who use their personal car for such travel.

Faculty members authorized to purchase these special "E" permits must go to the Office of Traffic and Parking Operations to exchange their regular "E" permit for one of these special "E" permits. The special "E" permits must be paid for by employees; departments are not authorized to pay for such permits.

Note that the special "E" permit is not an "R" permit. It is for the spaces so designated in the South Parking Garage but may also be used for parking in any "E" lot. It is not valid for an "R" permit lot.

State Vehicles: Vehicles with diamond E license plates (state licensed vehicles, whether owned or leased) are to be parked in the corporation yard only between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

It is clear that some persons who had "R" permits in the past, or who were previously allowed to use a "Floater," will find their parking status altered this year. It is probable that they will be hurt or angry about this. I ask that you try to make the reasons for the changes in their parking privileges (and they are privileges) clear and assuage their feelings to the extent possible.

Keith Opalewski, Interim Director of Traffic and Parking Operation Lt. Larry James, Acting Director of Public Safety Peter Buzanski, Chair of the Academic Senate