November 26, 1984

To: SJSU Managers and Supervisors
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: "Chain of Command"

This memorandum supersedes my memorandum on the same subject dated December 5, 1983.

The two Vice Presidents of the University are of equal rank, but it is necessary to designate one of them to act for me on those occasions when I am away from the campus. Historically, the Executive Vice President of San José State University was the responsible administrator in the President's absence. When I moved from the position of Executive Vice President to the presidency in 1978, there was an interim Executive Vice President, and the Academic Vice President was the senior administrator. Accordingly, I made the Academic Vice President the responsible administrator in my absence.

Last year, with an interim Academic Vice President and an Executive Vice President with several years of experience, I returned to the pattern of many years' standing of delegating to the Executive Vice President authority to act in the absence of the President. This delegation recognized not only tradition and relative experience, but also the fact that most of the events that require a decision that cannot await my return from Long Beach or elsewhere are such occurrences as a power failure, storm damage, a police matter, a fire, etc. That is, most urgent matters that cannot wait for decision tend to fall in the sphere of responsibility of the Executive Vice President.

For similar reasons, I am continuing to delegate authority to Executive Vice President Evans to act for me in my absence. In the event both of us are absent from campus, the following order of delegation of authority to act for the President will be in force:

  1. President
  2. Executive Vice President
  3. Academic Vice President
  4. Dean of Student Services
  5. Associate EVP, Facilities Development & Operations
  6. Associate AVP, Faculty Affairs

This memorandum will serve as the delegation of both authority and responsi?bility to the above named administrators to make decisions on behalf of the President in emergency situations when I am not available.

This memorandum is not intended to alter the normal responsibilities of any of the administrators indicated, nor should it be so interpreted.

Chancellor Reynolds, Executive Committee, SJSU Academic Senate