13 December 1984

To: John B. Gruber, Academic Vice President J. Handel Evans, Executive Vice President
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: Students Subject to Disqualification at end of Fall, 1984

This is to state formally a change in practice that we discussed at an earlier meeting: the action to be taken with regard to students who are subject to disqualification at the end of the Fall, 1984 semester.

Prior to the implementation of the early semester calendar, there were only a few days between the end of the Fall term and the beginning of the Spring term. It was difficult to notify students who were subject to disqualification at the end of the Fall semester of their status in time for them to appeal for reinstatement before Spring term began. Because of the time constraint, it was the practice to notify students of their grade-point deficiency, to mark their transcripts in a manner that indicated they were not in good academic standing (it was called a "Dollar Sign Disque" because the symbol used was a $), but not to bar their attendance for the Spring semester.

This practice was considered to be permissible under the CSU policies which say that students are subject to disqualification if their grades fall below a certain point, not at they must be automatically disqualified when that occurs. The right of the student to appeal from disqualification also needs to be respected.

The "Dollar Sign Disque" was discontinued when two things occurred: the automation of our records made it possible to identify students in academic difficulty more quickly, so that they could be notified in time to appeal; 2) the early semester calendar gave the University a longer time in which to process grades and notify students of their status.

This year, we are implementing the new policy of giving the + and - signs numerical weighting. As discussed, this new computer program is likely to have a number of problems as it is implemented for the first time. Also, there are likely to be a large number of graduate students who may fall below the required 3.0 GPA because of B- grades. Because the grades will probably not be available until just before the arena registration (adjustment day), we are going to find it difficult to notify students of their situation in time for them to make an appeal from disqualification.

It thus appears that for reasons similar to those of an earlier era, we will need to return to the prior practice of the "Dollar Sign Disque" for those students who may be subject to disqualification at the end of the Fall, 1984 semester.

By this Presidential Directive, I am asking that EVP Evans cause appropriate letters to be sent to students who are subject to disqualification, notifying them of their status but also indicating that they may enroll for the Spring term and should consult their major advisor.

Also, I am asking that AVP Gruber communicate this change in practice to the Deans and Department Chairs.

It is my assumption that we will be able to resume next Fall the timely notification of grade point deficiency and to disqualify students between Fall and Spring term soon enough for them to be able to appeal. It should be made clear to all concerned that this is a temporary return to an earlier practice.

Executive Committee, Academic Senate Dean Robert Martin