December 18, 1984

To: Deans and Administrative Heads
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: Holiday Time 0ff

The Governor has issued a proclamation delegating to the Chancellor authority to allow informal time off for the holidays. In turn, the Chancellor has dele?gated that authority to individual campus Presidents.

By this Directive, therefore, the University will allow four hours informal time off on Friday, December 21st. I encourage employees, wherever possible, to take this informal holiday time on the afternoon of December 21st from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. This would enable us to shut down certain non-critical areas of the campus for an extended period of time, which would represent energy savings for the University.

Granting of the informal time off will be governed by the following guidelines from Vice Chancellor Naples:

Monthly Rate Employees

Full-time monthly rate employees may be allowed four hours informal time off with pay on December 21st. Less than full-time monthly rate employees should be provided informal time off on a prorata basis. Employees who are on vaca?tion, sick leave, or CTO may be granted the equivalent informal time off prior to June 30, 1984. This time shall not be considered CTO and is not compensable in cash.

Hourly Employees

Hourly employees other than those in Class Codes 1870, 1871, or 1872 (Student Assistants) should be permitted informal time off equal to one-half the hours provided in the holiday pay table in UCAM Section 6312.03 provided that the employee is scheduled to work on or after December 24, 1984, and is still on the active payroll (has not or will not be separated with an effective date prior to December 24, 1984). Please announce this news to all employees and post this memo in a prominent place.

Finally, I want to extend to you, and all of the University's employees, my warm wishes for a happy holiday season


Executive Vice President Evans, Academic Vice President Gruber, Dean of Student Services Martin