May 1, 1985

To: Academic Administrators and Unit Three (Faculty Unit) Employees
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: Appropriate Administrators for Handling Unit Three (Faculty) Grievances

Because the agreement ratified on December 14, 1984, made significant revisions in the contract for Unit Three with respect to grievances, it is necessary to make some changes in campus procedures for handling Unit Three (faculty) grievances.

In accordance with section 10.2 (d), I am designating Dr. Lela Noble, Associate Academic Vice President for Faculty Affairs, as the Appropriate Administrator to review informally all grievances pertaining to faculty status: specifically, any dispute involving a decision not to reappoint, promote, or tenure a Unit Three employee.

Further, in accordance with section 10.2 (d), I am designating School Deans and the Director of the Library as the "appropriate administrator" in their respective areas of responsibility for informal review of allegations of contract violations made by Unit Three employees and their representatives. Please note that "informal review" is required by the MOU before a formal grievance can be filed. Unit Three employees and their representatives should identify clearly the desire for an "informal review" of an allegation of contract violation at the time that an appointment is made with the appropriate administrator.

Dr. Noble will continue to serve as the President's Designee for Employee Relations with Unit Three. I am delegating to her authority for handling Level I formal grievances. Level I formal grievances are to be filed, on the appropriate form, in the Faculty Affairs Office (ADM 144).

Chancellor Reynolds, Vice Chancellor Naples, AVP Gruber AAVP Noble, Mr. Harold Manson, Dr. Scott Rice, Dr. Joan Edelstein