June 10, 1985

To: All Employees, San José State University
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: Employee parking on Ninth St. and in the North Garage

There are two major changes in employee (E permit) parking that will be effect?ive as of this date. One of these is the closure of Ninth Street north of San Carlos to parking. The other is the opening of the first floor of the North Garage, at Ninth and San Fernando, to E permit parking.

Ninth Street is narrow. It has a heavy flow of students, faculty, and staff crossing on foot between the School of Business on the east side and the Student Union, Art, Industrial Studies, and Health buildings on the west side. Along the west side, by the Student Union amphitheater, there is no sidewalk. Ninth street parking, and the associated traffic of cars looking for a parking spot there, poses a serious safety hazard for our thousands of campus pedestrians.

Those of you who have been associated with San José State University for some years will recall that there was a time when Ninth Street between San Carlos and San Fernando was closed to all traffic and parking. At that time, we had E permit parking on the first floor of the North Garage, with entrances on both Tenth Street and San Fernando Street. That was a preferred parking area for many faculty and staff members with offices in the Business Tower and in the Industrial Arts, Engineering, and Administration buildings.

But when the University lost access to a large number of off-campus parking places that our students had used for many years, we had no choice but to open the first floor of the North Garage to student parking. The displaced employee parking was moved to Ninth Street, even though that increased safety hazards to pedestrians and left cars outside of the shade and shelter that the North Garage parking had provided. Many faculty members and staff employees have complained regularly because they could no longer park in the North Garage.

You will be pleased to know that this year we will be able to take the parking and its associated traffic off Ninth Street and relocate those E permit vehicles to the North Garage, as it used to be. Two events have made this possible.

The first event is a temporary necessity: the sewer construction project that the City of San José is undertaking. (The odors from sewer gases that many of you have noticed on Ninth Street should be abated after this project is com?pleted.) Both Ninth and Seventh Streets will be torn up for the replacement of major sewer lines, making parking impossible on both streets through the campus for much of the summer. We thus need to relocate the employee parking from these two streets for the summer.

During the sewer construction project, we will open the first floor of the North Garage to E permit parking. There will be no daily, coinoperated use during the summer in the North Garage, although there will continue to be such use in the South Garage on Seventh Street.

The second and permanent event is the opening of the new West Garage, scheduled for late August, which will provide 1200 additional parking spaces. This will enable us to leave the 220 spaces on the first floor of the North Garage for E permit parking next fall. And this relocation of E permit parking will, in turn, permit us to return Ninth Street to pedestrian traffic only.

Employee parking will be returned to Seventh Street after the sewer construc?tion is completed. We will also return to parking University owned vehicles in that area of Ninth Street adjacent to the Corporation Yard (where they are serviced) after the sewer construction is completed.