July 15, 1985

To: All Employees, San José State University
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: Implementation of Campus Smoking Policy

The purpose of this directive is twofold: first, to remind all San José State University employees of the campus smoking policy, University Policy S83-14. This policy was developed by the Academic Senate in the spring of 1983 and signed into policy by me to be effective in August of 1983. This policy provides that

There shall be no smoking in any SJSU facilities except in private, enclosed offices by consent of the assigned occupants or in spaces specifically set aside for smoking.

The second purpose is to provide for the designation of some spaces to be specifically set aside for smoking. The Vice Presidents and the Dean of Student Services are hereby authorized to designate smoking areas in accordance with the language of University Policy S83-14 which permits such areas to be set aside.

Enforcement of the smoking policy will be the responsibility of managers and supervisors. "No Smoking" signs will be made available through Plant Operations to departments that request them.

The Environmental Health and Safety Officer will engage in a continuing program to inform and clarify the purposes of this policy to employees, and will help department managers and supervisors to comply with its provisions.

The Campus Smoking Policy will be communicated to all newly hired employees through the new employee orientation program. Any employee who desires a complete copy of the policy may obtain it at the Personnel Office.