July 1, 1991

To: Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, Department Chairs
From: President Gail Fullerton
Subject: San José State University Position Statement On Health and Safety


It is the purpose of this Presidential Directive to assure that San José State University (SJSU) continues to comply with requirements of Title 8, CCR Section 3203.


San José State University is committed to maintaining a campus environment for faculty, staff, students, and the public, that will not adversely affect their health and safety nor subject them to avoidable risks of accidental injury or illness. No student or employee will be required to perform any task which is determined to be unsafe or unreasonably hazardous.

To accomplish these objectives, colleges and divisions will provide facilities and equipment that meet the requirements of all federal, state and local safety laws and regulations. Specific and appropriate policies, standards and procedures governing campus health and safety will be developed in each administrative area of the University.

The overall responsibility for campus health and safety rests with the President. The specific responsibility for taking corrective action rests with the Vice Presidents and their designees. The immediate responsibility for workplace health and safety belongs to each campus employee who performs a supervisory role. Individual employees are responsible for preventing campus accidents.

Accordingly, all faculty and staff are expected to take necessary actions to ensure that safe and healthful conditions and practices prevail within the areas under their jurisdiction. Safety is no accident!