September 20, 1995

To: Managers and Supervise
From: President Robert L. Caret
Subject: San José State University's Position Statement on the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (Supersedes PD 91-04)


It is the purpose of this Presidential Directive to assure that the colleges and operating departments of San José State University fully comply with the requirements of the injury and illness Prevention Program (IIPP) (Title 8, CCR section 3203).


SJSU is required by the IIPP to establish, implement and maintain an effective program designed to minimize the risk of morbidity and injury in the campus environment. SJSU has the obligation and responsibility to provide a setting relatively free from risk of environmental and occupational hazards in which its students, employees, visitors and neighbors may pursue their activities.

To insure that these objectives are met, each administrative area of the university must provide appropriate and effective health and safety programs in their specific area. The colleges and operating departments have the primary responsibility for implementing and maintaining their own effective health and safety programs.

The overall responsibility for campus health and safety rests with the President of the University. The Provost, Vice Presidents, Deans and Administrative Heads have the specific responsibility for implementing and taking corrective action. The Director of EH&OS has the responsibility for developing compliance procedures and ensuring institutional compliance within the regulatory framework under local, state and federal requirements.

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