April 30, 1996

To: Campus Community
From: President Robert L. Caret
Subject: Student Health Advisory Committee

C.S.U. Executive Order 637 provides that a student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) should be maintained on each campus and that the committee shall serve as "an advisory committee to the health service and the president." As provided by the Executive Order, the SHAC should make appropriate recommendations related to the following operational areas of student health services:

  • Scope of services
  • Hours of operation
  • Fee-for-service charges
  • Mandatory health fee levels
  • Annual budgeting and independent audits

In order for SHAC to maintain adequate overview of these five primary areas, it will be necessary for the Committee to assist in identifying student health needs, and act as a communication link and liaison between the Student Health Service and the campus community. In addition, the SHAC may wish to serve in an advocacy role by promoting quality health care for our students. The SHAC shall make recommendations regarding health services fees to the campus president, who shall ask the Associated Students Board of Directors for its recommendation before taking final action.

In accordance with E.O. 637, the voting members of the Committee shall be composed of six students and five faculty, administrative, and staff members. The student members shall be appointed to SHAC by the Associated Students, who shall solicit nominations and make appointments within 45 days of the beginning of the academic year, according to its normal appointment procedures. Every effort shall be made to have the student membership reflect the diversity and range of our campus student community.

Administrative, faculty, and staff representation shall be appointed by the President and consist of the following:

  1. Administrative -- one member
    • Director, Disability Resource Center (or designee)
  2. Faculty -- two members
    • One member from a health-related program, (i.e., Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Health Sciences, etc.)
    • One member at large who has indicated an interest in health issues
  3. Staff -- two members
    • One member from Student Health Services, (i.e., Health Educator, physician, etc.)
    • One member from University Housing Services

The chair of SHAC shall be a student elected by the entire membership.

The Director of Student Health Services (or designee) shall be an ex officio, non-voting member.

All terms of office for all SHAC members are for 2 years; reappointment is permitted. The policies and operating procedures of the SHAC shall be determined by the Committee, with final approval by the President.