February 10, 1997

To: Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, Department Chairs and Administrative Heads
From: Robert L. Caret President
Re: Presidential Directive No. 97-02 Endowed Professorships


San José State University is committed to the enrichment of the lives of its students, to transmit knowledge to its students along with the necessary skills for applying it in the service of our society, and to expand the base of knowledge through research and scholarship.

To meet this commitment, a policy on endowed faculty positions is established for the endowment and recruitment of the highest caliber professionals for San José State University.


As Presidential Directive No. 97-02, this document can be implemented and accepted across campus under the standard administrative guidelines.

San José State University Policy Endowed Professorship

SJSU Mission Statement: To enrich the lives of its students, to transmit knowledge to its students along with the necessary skills for applying it in the service of our society, and to expand the base of knowledge through research and scholarship.

Administrative guidelines for campus implementation of San José State University policy on endowed faculty positions.

Categories of Endowment

The minimum corpus stated will cry the position in a particular academic area. Income from the endowment provides significant support for the position. Categories will be uniform throughout the campus.

Endowed Chair - $1,500,000 minimum

Chair holders' are recruited from the ranks of distinguished scholars at San José State University and from other institutions in the United States and around the world.

An endowed chair fully funds the salary and other support for the position without the use of state funds.

Endowed University Professorships - $500,000

An endowed university professorship enables San José State University to provide increased compensation support to outstanding senior faculty members already employed by the University, or to recruit outstanding faculty from other institutions.

An endowed professorship provides funds to augment a state-supported position.

Endowed Lectureship - $250,000

An endowed lectureship enables San José State University to provide increased support to outstanding junior faculty members already employed by the University, or to recruit outstanding junior faculty from other institutions. By providing increased opportunity for professional growth, the endowment enables San José State University to reward and encourage career development in the best junior faculty members.

An endowed lectureship provides funds to augment a state-supported salary.

  1. Purpose
  2. Endowed university professorships enable SJSU to recruit and retain distinguished professors and accomplished scholars and teachers.

  3. Policy
    1. Appointment to an endowed professorship may be made from distinguished individuals, including SJSU current tenured and tenure track professors and those outside the University. The holder of an appointment to an endowed professorship is expected to carry a teaching responsibility. The teaching responsibility may be carried out in a manner other than a regularly scheduled course, but must include significant student contact. The appointee shall contribute to the scholarly and creative activity of the department in which he or she resides and, through seminars and other contact with students, add to the enrichment of the SJSU campus as a whole. Appointment to an endowed position is for one year with the option of renewed appointment for up to two additional years.
    2. A minimum corpus will be required to establish an endowed professorship in a particular academic area, as defined in "Categories of Endowments." Endowed chairs must be funded to provide at least the full salary of the chair holder. Endowed professorships may be endowed to provide the full salary of the professor or to augment a state supported position. The figures identified as minimums in the "Categories of Endowments" are expressed in 1996 dollars. Endowed faculty lines which envision other support in addition to salary must be sized accordingly. Endowed faculty lines which are set up by bequest or trust must fund the endowment in the equivalent future value dollars (e.g. A bequest intended to fund a chair may, in fact, end up funding an endowed professorship depending upon the actual value at the time the trust or bequest is distributed.) The same is true with pledges to endowments. The final endowment category is dependent upon the total dollars donated, not pledged. Most endowments at SJSU are giving three years to collect all pledged funds before a final designation is made.
    3. The subject area of the endowed faculty position must be consistent with the mission of San José State University and the academic plan and priorities of the department/ college/campus. The gift instrument shall permit appropriate alternative -distribution of the income by the dean if the subject area of the endowed professorship ceases to be consistent with the University's mission or the academic plan of the campus. Such alternative distribution shall be as closely related to the donor's original intent as is feasible.
  4. Procdeures
    1. Establishment of an Endowed Faculty Position
      1. Preliminary discussion concerning the establishment of an endowed professorship shall include the appropriate department faculty and deans, Provost and Vice President of University Advancement concerning the subject area and the resource needs of a proposed endowed faculty position.
      2. Following preliminary discussion, and in consultation with primary unit faculty, the development office shall prepare a proposal for review by the Provost for approval by the President.
      3. The President, after receiving the recommendation of the Provost, shall act upon the request. No commitment for establishing and naming an endowed faculty position shall be made to a prospective donor prior to approval by the President.
      4. All contacts and discussions with prospective donors shall be coordinated with the Office of University Advancement.
    2. Appointment to the Endowed Faculty Position
      1. An endowed chair may be filled by one individual for an indefinite period, with tenure granted at the time of appointment, or successively by a series of individuals appointed for prescribed periods.
      2. Appointments to endowed chairs for an indefinite period shall be in accordance with established University policies and practices for regular tenured appointments.
      3. Appointments to endowed faculty positions for prescribed periods, not to exceed three years, as may be determined by the deans and departments, shall be in accordance with practices and policies established by the appropriate academic unit and school.
    3. Naming of the Endowed Faculty Position
    4. Subject to approval by the President, an endowed faculty position may be named in honor of the donor (or an honoree by the donor) if the gift is sufficient to meet the minimum for the category of endowment calculated in 1996 dollars.

    5. Annual Reporting
    6. Each holder of an endowed faculty position shall annually submit to the chair and dean a brief narrative of the past year's activities, including explanation of expenditures of the endowment income, along with a budget request for use of the endowment income for the following year.

    7. Use of Endowment Income
      1. The fund principal of an endowed faculty position will remain inviolate and only earned income may be expended in accordance with the endowment policies of the SJSU Foundation.
      2. Income made available to holders of endowed faculty positions shall be used to support their teaching, research and creative activities in accordance with University policies and procedures and consistent with a budget recommended annually by the endowed faculty position holder to the department chair and approved by the appropriate dean.
      3. Endowment income, in excess of that required for salary and benefits purposes, may also include, but not be limited to, the following: - clerical support - technician support
        - computation and data collection
        - travel
        - research equipment and professional materials
        - conferences or seminars.
      4. During periods when the professorship is unoccupied, the department may request approval from the dean to use income from the endowment for collateral purposes.
      5. The occupant of the endowed faculty position shall be entitled to the normal support funds and services available to other faculty members within the department. Such support shall not be charged against endowed income of the faculty position.