May 5, 2000

MEMO TO: Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, and Administrative Heads

FROM: President Robert L. Caret



CSU Executive Order No. 730 requires that new students aged 18 years and younger be immunized against hepatitis B, a multiple series vaccination. This is an additional requirement to the existing measles and rubella immunizations for CSU admission.


By this Presidential Directive, I am implementing the Executive Order as follows:

  1. All first time enrollees who are 18 years of age or younger as of the residence determination date for the first semester of attendance are required to show proof of at least one shot to the hepatitis B vaccination. Students must fulfill this requirement during their first semester at SJSU, or a Hold will be placed on their registration for the second semester of classes.
  2. The full immunization consisting of three shots shall be completed by the third semester of enrollment or another Hold may be placed on the student's registration for the fourth semester of classes.
  3. Immunizations, if needed, shall be obtained from a private health care provider, local health department or the campus Student Health Center.
  4. Proof of immunization shall include medical documentation signed by a physician or a nurse, immunization records or a laboratory report showing immunity to hepatitis B.
  5. Exemptions to this requirement shall be granted based on medical considerations and religious or personal beliefs. Exemptions shall be documented by a health care provider.
  6. Immunization records shall be included with the student medical records.
  7. The Student Health Center shall develop an appropriate fee schedule for the vaccination, with the goal of providing the service to students at the lowest cost possible.


  1. Obtain written proof of immunity: The student must be able to provide medical documentation for hepatitis B. Documentation may include immunization records or a laboratory report showing immunity to hepatitis B. School records cannot be submitted, as they are not considered medical documentation.
  2. Submit proof of immunity to Student Health Center: The student may either bring the proof of immunity to the Student Health Center or mail it to the address below. If mailed, proof of immunization should include the student's name, social security number, date of birth, a return address and a telephone number. (Students receiving their vaccinations at the Student Health Center do not need to provide additional notice.)

    Hepatitis B Immunization Program Student Health Center
    San José State University
    One Washington Square
    San Jose, CA 95192-0037

  3. For students not having proof of immunity: If students do not have proof of immunity to Hepatitis B, they can obtain immunizations from their private health care providers, the Public Health Department or the Student Health Center.