June 20, 2008

Memo to: The Campus Community

From: President Don W. Kassing

Subject: Presidential Directive 2008-01, University-wide marketing, Phase 1: Update of logo and university style guidelines

In fulfillment of the university-wide marketing initiative mandated in our strategic planning for Vision 2010, the Office of Public Affairs has developed an update of the university logo and, for the first time in the university's history, a set of university style guidelines that will bring coordination and consistency to our large output of campus publications and other promotional materials. The guidelines include specified fonts and a color palette that complements the university's colors of blue and gold.

A more consistent and unified graphic identity will help us to communicate more clearly and effectively to our many publics. It will be the foundation for on-going marketing initiatives to heighten San José State's visibility and communicate our vision, achievements and contributions to our alumni and the region. It is another strong signal that San José State is rising to a new level. I am very pleased that this phase will be in place as our new president comes to campus.

On Friday, June 27, Public Affairs will make available the new artwork for the updated logo as well as a PDF version of the style guidelines at www.sjsu.edu/publicaffairs/downloads.

All academic and administrative departments, as well as all auxiliaries, will, from that date on, use the updated logo and follow the style guidelines in the production of publications and other promotional materials. The university's vendor for letterhead and business cards will fulfill all orders after June 27 using the updated logo and style guidelines. Current supplies of letterhead and business cards may be used up before ordering the new version.

Please be sure that all individuals responsible for publications in your unit review the guidelines at the address above and use the updated logo upon its release. For questions or for more information, contact the Office of Public Affairs at 408-924-1166; Eunice Ockerman at 41171; or Sylvia Light at 41174.

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