PD 2012-01

October 10, 2012

To: Administrative Heads, Chairs, Deans, Directors and Vice Presidents

From: President Mohammad H. Qayoumi

Subject: Presidential Directive 2012-01 (Supersedes PD 2009-03)

San José State University Order of Succession

As you may know, it may become necessary for another officer of the University to act for me when I am away from the campus or become disabled. This Presidential Directive will serve as the official delegation of both authority and responsibility to the following administrators to make decisions on behalf of the President in emergency situations when I am not available. The “Chain of Command” is as follows:

  1. President
  2. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  3. Vice President for Administration and Finance/CFO
  4. Vice President for Student Affairs
  5. Vice President for University Advancement
  6. Associate Vice President, Facilities Development and Operations
  7. Deputy Provost
  8. Chief of Police

This memorandum supersedes Presidential Directive 2009-03 and all previous notices on the order of succession.