A.S. President Responds to Recent Campus Events

December 3, 2013

As many of you know, the recent allegations of a racially motivated hate-crime on our campus have spawned outrage and disbelief. Students groups have already voiced their concern to university officials, the media, and their peers in the form of press conferences, rallies, and peaceful protests.

Although we are disheartened by the event that took place, we encourage students to advocate for what they believe in. Associated Students views situations like these as learning opportunities and considers them to be pivotal in shaping our future. We have a commitment to represent students, and assure you that we are doing everything in our power to help rectify the situation.

As students, we should support and treat each other with dignity and respect despite our differences. "See Something, Say Something" holds each and every one of us accountable. Although A.S. does not hold authority on matters of student conduct, we will continue to partner with the SJSU community to continue to promote an inclusive campus climate.

Partnering with Student Conduct, Counseling Services, Student Involvement, University Housing Services and the student body is vital to achieving this goal. We acknowledge the receipt of the "Suggestions to Improve San Jose State for Students of Color" from those who marched in the rally on November 21, 2013, and we are reviewing them for consideration.

Other actions being reviewed include but are not limited to: passing resolutions, voicing student concern at academic senate and committee meetings, and holding discussions with your elected student leaders. We invite you to attend the next Board meeting on December 11.

Rest assured that we advocate for equal rights for all, and will assist any Spartan who feels he or she needs support in the days to come.

Thank you,
Nicholas Ayala
A.S. President